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establishment becoming secretary of state under president george w. bush. >> condi is very interesting, very skilled in foreign policy, very charismatic. a lot of people like her. she'sen seen as a political figure -- she's not seen as a political figure which is a plus and has never been a candidate which is a minus. >> another potential minus, she was at the center of a number of bush administration controversies and when it comes to social issues, she may be left to the party's base. most running mates are not chosen until right before the party convention which is a month away. so is all this hype about condoleezza rice just that, hype? republican strategist jack burkeman joined us earlier today on fox 5. i asked if there was any chance romney would choose condoleezza as his running mate. >> no, zero. the reason is just what you said. she's left of center on social issues. it would be almost impossible. the most important thing for romney is that he get a solid social conservative because the big problem has is the conservative evangelical base doesn't like him. so if you go with someone
. >>> former president, george h.w. bush and his wife are skipping this year's republican convention. he has trouble getting around. the 88-year-old has a form of parkinson's disease and needs a scooter and wheelchair to help him move. this will be the first time he missed a gop convention since 1976. >>> ben bernanke has given congress another warning. make a deal on budget or face ugly consequences. he believes that if tax increases and spending cuts kick in, it could signal the fiscal cliff he has been concerned about. >> u.s. fiscal policies are on an unsustainable path and the development of a medium term plan for controlling deficits should be a high priority. at the same time, fiscal decision should take into effect. >> some analysts believe the tax increases in spending cuts on the horizon will lead to another recession. >> an incredible rescue caught on camera. a young girl tumbles from a third story window. and thank goodness, a quick thinking neighbor is there to catch her. you'll hear from the hero himself coming up next.  >>> caught on camera, a little girl survives a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2